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Caring for a newborn baby is pleasureful, but can be exhausting. We provide round-the-clock postpartum baby nurse services including: Sleep Consultant, and Parental Counselling. Our baby night nurses assist you with sleep training your infant so that you can have the restful night that you deserve.

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Welcome to Baby Nurse Help, where we specialize in Night Nurse Services. It takes a village to raise a child; however, it also takes a night nurse to support exhausted and stressed parents. Here at Baby Nurse Help, we provide postpartum nanny services to support all mothers and fathers within the GTA and surrounding areas. Our in-home Night Nurse Services are the help you need so you can have peaceful sleep.

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Infant Night Nurse

We support you in: breastfeeding and lactation support, bathing, changing diapers, sleep training, and more. You can feel at ease when having a Night Nurse at your side to support your needs.

Baby Night Nurse Counselling Services

Learn to enjoy the experiences you are having with your new baby and gain confidence in your parenting skills with parental counselling. We help parents conquer challenges and difficulties brought about by postpartum depression and teach you how to reduce the stress of bath time and diaper changes

Greater Toronto Area & Abroad

Proudly serving: Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, and more. We also serve: Calgary (Alberta), and Vancouver (British Columbia).

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What Does a Mother Baby Nurse or a Baby Night Nurse Do?

A mother baby nurse will perform infant and night nurse duties, with care and diligence, offering support at times when a mother needs it most — the postpartum period. Mother Baby Nurses educate and assist new and veteran mothers with physical and emotional needs during the postpartum period. They perform the dual role of caring for the infants and educating mothers about infant care. A mother baby nurse will assist with:

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Infant Care

Infant Care includes: bathing and changing diapers, preparation and sterilization of bottles, baby sleep training, burping, and more.

Night Nurse Duties

Night Nurse duties include everything to do with infant care overnight while you sleep. A night nurse will give you the rest you need and deserve.

Benefits of a Baby Night Nurse

Why Hire a Postpartum Nurse?

New and veteran parents all over the world are in need of support from a knowledgeable and trustworthy bedtime nanny who has experience with exceptional infant care techniques. Some parents have unique situations that require an overnight nurse: You may have twins or triplets or maybe have the support needed to help your growing family. You may have certain medical conditions that require detail-focused care for you and your newborn. Given any situation, Our night nurses will give you the postpartum support you need to help you conquer your journey. Baby Nurse Help will also help train you to care for your infant so you can be confident in your new responsibilities. Whether you need a part time nurse or a full time nurse, we have flexible hours to work with your family and newborn schedule. 

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Bringing a life in the world will take a lot of strength and will cause definite exhaustion. Adequate sleep, rest and relaxation are very necessary for speedy and proper healing. Having a baby nurse for the first few weeks after giving birth will be very helpful for adjusting to life with a newborn baby in the home.Our night nurse will teach you the best ways to change the baby’s diaper, as well as how to bathe and feed the baby. Baby Nurse Help nurses have experience with the following:

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Melanie Tory
Melanie Tory

Satisfied Client

It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation for Cheryl. When we came home from the hospital after the birth of our first child, Cheryl was there for us to provide support and peace of mind. Her wealth of knowledge and the ease with which she cared for our new born son allowed us to relax and really enjoy the first week of new parenthood. Our son is now seven years old, but I still think fondly of our time with Cheryl. I remember friends and family commenting that I seemed quite calm for a first time mom, and have Cheryl to thank for that. Having Cheryl in our home was more than about getting sleep; it was about establishing routines and the knowledge to try various methods for nursing and sleep training. My husband and I weren't sleep deprived in those first few days, but more importantly,cu neither was our baby - which is more than we could have asked for. I have referred Cheryl to friends and family who all sing her praise and if you have the opportunity to hire her, I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone considering a baby nurse.

Katie & Rob McCord

Satisfied Client

My husband and I recently had our first child, and had the wonderful help of Cheryl for the first two weeks that we were home. She was amazing with our daughter, and also was extremely helpful in teaching us as first time parents about how to care for our daughter, in a relaxed and informative way. Her no-nonsense and calming approach has us all in a routine and has allowed for us to really enjoy this time together, without stress. I would refer Cheryl to anyone who is looking for a night nurse, her knowledge and care for the whole family is unparalleled.


Satisfied Client

Cheryl was absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend her to any family. She has an incredible way with infants. She was so calm, gentle, genuine and caring with the twins that she was able to get them to sleep, smile, and eat better than anyone! She bathed them, fed them, played with them, comforted them and got them to sleep. You can tell that she just genuinely loves children, particularly babies, and it's a passion for her, not just a job.

Sophia & Stephen Choi

Satisfied Client

Cheryl was our night nurse twice, for each of our two sons. Cheryl was wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable. She helped me navigate breastfeeding and pumping. After each night feed, Cheryl would look after our baby so I could get a little more rest. She showed us how to bathe and care for our newborn and establish a routine. The early days/weeks can be overwhelming for sleep deprived new parents. It was comforting and reassuring having Cheryl around. We recommend her wholeheartedly.