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We believe that parents need support when they are going through a major transition in their lives, such as having a baby. A night nurses job is to make this period of change a happier and more positive experience overall, giving you the tools and support you need to recover.

Our night nurses are driven by empathy and care for our clients. Baby Nurse Help provides a range of excellent professional services to new parents – from parental counselling to private postpartum support, from daytime to night-time services, from consulting to hands-on support. We offer round-the-clock night nurse services to support your postpartum and infant care needs.  

Baby Nurse Help provides a stress free foundation for new parents; helping them to relax and rest while their babies are being well taken care of. Our tools include: establishing good sleeping and eating patterns from early infancy, creating the bond and mutual respect between parent and child, and giving mothers the necessary support they need to recover.


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Get support from an experienced professional as you care for your new baby. Baby Night Nurse Sleep Training offers care for your newborn; giving you time to sleep, recover, and spend time with your partner and other children. We teach you everything you need to know about caring for your baby and help you through the difficult times while ensuring your family has all the space and privacy you desire.

A baby night nurse is an infant specialist who has been formally trained and also has experience caring for newborns. A baby nurse is able to come into your home and provide complete care for your newborn; allowing you to rest, which helps you to heal more quickly. Baby Night Nurse Sleep Training gives parents peace of mind by ensuring that their precious babies are in professional and caring hands.

Our baby night nurses assist in establishing sleep routines, teaching babies how to self soothe, and implementing healthy sleep habits.

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