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Parental & Postpartum Counselling

Parental Counselling & Postpartum Support

Postpartum Depression

A Lot of women experience a change in their mood during or after pregnancy. These feelings usually run their course and resolve on their own, however, according to research, about 20% of women experience more severe symptoms of depression and anxiety. Postpartum depression can occur regardless of culture, age, education and other factors. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, maternal mental health problems are generally not caused by a single factor, but by a combination of genetics and environment.

Some mothers find that after giving birth they become depressed and don't want anything to do with their new babies. At Baby Night Nurse Sleep Training, we help you through this condition by providing someone to talk to and teaching you that your baby is a precious thing to love and cherish.

Our parental coaches will support you throughout your postpartum journey and get you to have a less stressful time managing the responsibilities. We teach new parents to enjoy being mommies and daddies and give you the skills to be excellent parents to your new child.

Parental Counselling & Postpartum Support

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

symptoms of postpartum depression

Parental Counselling & Postpartum Support

Postpartum Depression Causes and Risk Factors

Research has shown that there is no defiant cause of postpartum depression, however, there are some things that can raise the chances of postpartum depression. This includes:

Parental & Postpartum Counselling

What Are Clients Says

You may find yourself grappling with problems you thought were in the past. Pregnancy and parenthood can bring up old struggles from childhood or body issues. Intense grief from previous pregnancy loss may return unexpectedly. It’s important that you have the postpartum support needed to navigate through this journey. You don’t have to do this alone.

Katie & Rob McCord

Satisfied Clients

My husband and I recently had our first child, and had the wonderful help of Cheryl for the first two weeks that we were home. She was amazing with our daughter, and also was extremely helpful in teaching us as first time parents about how to care for our daughter, in a relaxed and informative way. Her no-nonsense and calming approach has us all in a routine and has allowed for us to really enjoy this time together, without stress. I would refer Cheryl to anyone who is looking for a night nurse, her knowledge and care for the whole family is unparalleled.

Sophia & Stephen Choi

Satisfied Clients

Cheryl was our night nurse twice, for each of our two sons. Cheryl was wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable. She helped me navigate breastfeeding and pumping. After each night feed, Cheryl would look after our baby so I could get a little more rest. She showed us how to bathe and care for our newborn and establish a routine. The early days/weeks can be overwhelming for sleep deprived new parents. It was comforting and reassuring having Cheryl around. We recommend her wholeheartedly.

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Our goal is to work with you to give you the support you deserve to conquer this journey. Baby Nurse Help will help you through this challenging time. You are not alone! Contact us today.